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There is an old saying that you can see a glass as half-empty or half-full, depending upon whether your perspective is pessimistic or optimistic. At Summit View, we are optimistic about the people we serve! We believe that as we all age, we have the option to take a 'frail/sickly' perspective, or we can take a "well-being" view of the aging process. Accordingly, we believe there are ways you can fully live life, that you are more than your problems or diagnosis. We believe that whatever issues you are facing in life, you can get better or learn to compensate.

You still have a life to live fully!

We seek to create the environment at Summit View where everyone has a clear purpose for living, where there are resources as needed for overcoming obstacles and where people are in a community that offers a sense of love and support around them.

Follow Through

At Summit View, we use a number of 'strategies' to put wings to our vision:

Instead of activities just to keep people busy, we have a calendar that includes over 100 opportunities each week to encourage and strengthen our residents physically, mentally and socially

Our new Cognitive Resiliency Center, developed in concert with professors from UTC and other schools, will provide the latest strategies for improving memory and overall thinking processes.

Our commitment to health comes to life in our rehab services that include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. To help with depression or spiritual concerns, we have a chaplain on staff and clinical psychological services. A medical practice visits the building weekly, offering the option of in-home care.

Summit View is a true community, where each resident has identity and purpose. Our staff is thoroughly trained in how to help residents maintain independence and recover from bumps in the road.

Be All That You Can Be!

At Summit View, you’ll find the encouragement and assistance to continue: